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Pregnancy Massage involves the gentle application of pressure using oil to your skin to promote a feeling of calm, wellness and relaxation for you and your baby.  Massage is also beneficial pre conception to help you relax and optimise your sense of well being. In the postnatal period it can be a time for you to recover, reflect and regain your strength.

Massage may also help relieve unwanted symptoms of pregnancy such as headaches or back ache. It is also a way for you to connect more deeply with you body and baby during this important time in your life. Cushions and supports are provided to ensure your comfort and safety. 

You may want to visit  Well Mother for more information on the benefits of massage for pregnancy.

At present, Annette Lucas and Melinda Pagden both offer therapeutic massage during pregnancy, please see here for their information, Melinda Pagden also offers aromatherapy massage aromatherapy massage (07745398868).  See Aromatherapy for details on this treatment.