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Reflexology is an holistic therapy whereby fingers, thumbs and knuckles are used to apply pressure

to ‘reflex’ areas of the feet or hands which relate to all parts of your body with the aim of helping

your body to restore its balance naturally.  After a session, you may feel relaxed, sleep better, with

improved mood and general wellbeing.

Pre-conception care

Vertical Reflex Therapy together with relaxing traditional Reflexology is increasingly popular with couples wanting to conceive, and by taking time out to focus completely on yourself,  may help to ease stress, (which is known as one factor affecting fertility) and aid sleep, and improve general well-being. 

Maternity Reflexology

A specialised and safe technique with gentle movements designed to balance and harmonise mind,

body and spirit for the whole of pregnancy and after delivery.

Pregnancy triggers many changes in a woman’s body due to the effect of hormones and an increase

in body weight. Some women may experience leg cramping, swollen ankles, insomnia, pains in the feet, and even in the knees, legs and back through an altered ‘gait.’

Reflexology may be helpful in easing these symptoms and offering an opportunity to voice expectations or fears about childbirth in a safe environment. It includes lots of relaxation techniques to help to reduce stress hormones and feel rested and revived.

Many women have reflexology in late pregnancy, just to 'treat' themselves in the weeks before baby is born, to feel calm and totally relaxed. Reflexology increases Oxytocin- the 'feel good' factor, which is good for Mum and baby.

* Lesley also offers a special Maternity Reflexology session for when the estimated date of baby's arrival has passed - to invigorate and restore feelings of wellbeing and relaxation, thereby increasing levels of Oxytocin, ready for the journey of birth. 

Baby Reflex

Being able to comfort a crying/unsettled baby is a very powerful tool, and you can learn how to achieve this with a 3-week reflexology course designed for Parents to use on their babies. The course can be private 1-1 or small groups to learn the techniques in a fun and non-threatening way. Baby Reflex can help ease symptoms in your baby such as colic, wind and constipation, boost immune system, reduce teething and sinus pain, and calm baby. The techniques can be used anywhere, up to three times a day, and once learned, only take 5 minutes.

Your baby does not need to be undressed, and so Baby Reflex can be given when out and about.

Develop so much more confidence in handling your baby, increasing your confidence and bonding by learning Baby Reflex techniques. 

*Then when you have learned how to use Baby Reflex on your baby - why not have some Reflexology yourself at a later private session. Reflexology for Mums (at a special price) who attend the Baby Reflex course (contact Lesley on 07542 556 587 / 0114 235 3239 - email: clarity.hypnotherapy&

Lesley is a member of a number of professional organisations including  VRT Practitioners Network, Federation of Holistic Therapists MFHT, which now on the Accredited Register AVR, vetted and approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care PSA, a registered Maternity Reflexologist.

As Lesley is MFHT- clients who contribute to Medicash, Healthshield, Bupa Cashplan or PruHealth may be able to reclaim part of their therapy costs provided by Lesley for Reflexology, Reiki or Hypnotherapy. Please contact Lesley and your healthplan provider for more details.

Lesley Donaldson is VRT (Adv) Practitioner Network; Registered Maternity Reflexologist (Susanne Enzer trained); & Babyreflex Practitioner.  

She offers: VRT for Fertility Issues & Endocrine Balance; Maternity reflexology and Babyreflex -contact on: 0114 235 3239 or 07542 556 587  (website

Melinda Pagden - diploma in reflexology (IIHHT) pre-conception/maternity reflexology - contact on: 07745398868 or 01142810441 (