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Nutritional Therapy is an evidenced-based complementary therapy based on the ever-growing research into nutritional influences on health.  It looks at your health, diet and lifestyle in a holistic way to develop a nutritional programme to meet your individual needs.

Good nutrition is particularly vital to support conception and pregnancy. You may just want to review your diet to get yourself in the best shape for conceiving, but Nutritional Therapy can also look at your specific nutritional needs around issues which may affect fertility such as hormonal issues, weight, underlying health conditions.  Advice on appropriate supplements can be given, and access to functional laboratory tests is available if need.  Appointments are available individually, or as couples if you wish to look at the nutritional needs of both of you regarding fertility issues.

At the present time, Nurture Sheffield is not offering nutritional therapy but would encourage anyone interested to seek this support for optimal health, vitality and wellbeing.