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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps shift 'stuck' negative energy and emotions, much like Acupuncture, (but without needles). We all have experiences from early childhood through our adult lives, and some of these, whether they are on a higher or lesser emotional scale, and whether we are immediately aware of it or not,  impact the way we live our daily lives and how we cope. EFT involves gently tapping with the fingers on 'meridian points' on the face, upper body, and hands while tuning into what you are working on – either on a physical or emotional level. Our Brains then re-process that emotion, and while the facts of an issue do not change, that negative emotion is reduced or even eliminated. EFT changes the way we think about it and gives us a skill to handle issues or events in future.  It is a very effective tool and needs to be experimented with to fully realise its potential benefits. 

Do you feel blocked whenever you want to make a decision but never seem to make progress?  Do you sabotage all your efforts to change? This is because the Sub-Conscious part of your mind prefers the status-quo of running your current programme of behaviour, even when it really doesn't serve you.  This is where EFT can help to bypass that unwanted block to change to be the best version of yourself.  
Wouldn't you rather do what you really want rather than what you don't want.? 
EFT can bring major breakthroughs for many people. 

EFT may be helpful Pre-Conception when you are planning your family.  During pregnancy,  EFT may be helpful for symptoms experienced; to help with any anxieties about being pregnant and labour; as well as to help release the emotions associated with  any trauma from past birth experiences. EFT is a tool you can learn to take away with you, which may also be helpful during labour to help relax and allow the natural birth process its optimum chance. 

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