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Easibirthing®  Fertility Hypnosis 

Easibirthing® may be an option for you if either you or your partner are experiencing difficulties in conceiving your first or subsequent children; 
are pursuing fertility treatment;  or considering your options.  It can be used alone or as a complementary technique to NHS or private Fertility care.

My experience as a Nurse, Mother, Hypnotherapist and Easibirthing® Fertility Hypnotic Practitioner, enables me to bring a different level 
of understanding to the issues you face.
By listening to you, and using relaxing hypnosis techniques and postive language, researched and used extensively in the area of fertilty issues,
I will help you to explore solutions to your current situation.

Hypnotherapy, and in particular, Easibirthing®  Fertility Hypnosis, provides an outlet to express your feelings; help to reduce stress levels; 
recognise your personal strengths; validate relationships; feel less isolated; transform negative thought patterns; and find confidence through
coping strategies.

I can provide links to reading material, network and information groups, and lifestyle advice to support you. 

The sessions are over a six-week period following a full consultation, to fully understand where you are right now and where you would like to be.

Contact Lesley for further information and appointment on:  07542 556 587 
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