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Supporting your journey through conception, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond

Evidence Based Birth This site's mission is to decipher information locked away in medical journals and make it accessible to families as they make decisions about their maternity care.

Midwife Thinking is an awesome blog written by a midwife in Australia about many aspects of pregnancy and birth. Well-researched and clearly written, it's an excellent resource.

Homebirthers and Hopefuls is a wonderful resource if you thinking about, or planning, having your baby at home. It has research articles, birth stories and information on the practical and emotional aspects of birth at home.

Tell Me a Good Birth Story has a wonderful collection of positive birth stories.

Doula UK is a network of doulas working to support families and positive birth. Details of how to find a local DUK doula and the DUK Access Fund (for those on low incomes to help access doula services) can be found on the website. Kris McKeown (doula with Nurture Sheffield) is a member of Doula UK, and currently working through its mentorship programme.

The Positive Birth Movement was started with the aim of spreading positivity about birth, to counteract the negativity which often surrounds pregnancy and birth as portrayed in the media.

BirthRights looks at improving maternity care from a human rights aspect, that all women deserve to be treated with respect and their personal autonomy protected.

AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services) works to protect women's rights in childbirth, and to normalise pregnancy and birth, seeing it as a normal and healthy part of life for the vast majority of mothers.