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'Being touched and caressed

Being massaged is food for the infant

Food as necessary as minerals,

Vitamins and proteins.'

Dr Frederick Leboyer  


Baby massage uses different massage strokes with oil on different parts of the body.  It has many benefits not only for the baby but also for the person giving the massage and enhances the special connection and bonding with your baby. Some of the benefits are:


  • Studies have shown that massage can increase the speed of the development of the nervous system (research by Field, Rorke, Reinis).
  • Can be relaxing or stimulating depending on the strokes used, affecting the muscles and digestive systems.
  • Can help exercise muscles improving muscle tone.
  • Improves the circulation and can help improve dry skin and skin conditions, such as eczema.
  • Aids digestion and excretion of waste products.  Helps to balance appetite.
  • Helps to reduce wind/colic.
  • Can help to reduce constipation/diarrhoea. 
  • Stimulates the immune system, helping to reduce the incidence of coughs and colds (Hammett). 
  • Encourages the body's endorphines (the body's own 'pain relieving chemicals.)
  • Can help to promote development of the senses.
  • Has been found to promote intelligence.  Not necessarily I.Q. but early stimulation/contact improves body awareness.
  • Can be soothing/calming helping to reduce crying and aid sleeping.
  • Studies on massage with premature babies have been found to increase their weight quicker, enhance neurological development, stimulates the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems.   The massaged babies were also discharged earlier from hospital (Feild et al.; Rausch; Rice).   
  • Increases bonding between baby and parent.
  • Helps the baby feel more secure and loved.
  • Can increase eye to eye contact and communication.


  • Can help to increase time together 'time for massage'.
  • Increases eye to eye contact promoting attachment and bonding.
  • Can help to build up confidence of handling your baby.
  • Helps to aid relaxation for the parent.
  • Has been found to help lower blood pressure.
  • Dads can have early involvement with baby giving massage, not just changing nappies!

baby massage is taught to the parents/care givers either on an individual basis or in group sessions with other parents/carers.  Baby massage tends to be started from 8 weeks of age, as babies are more receptive to massage from this age.  Please see link for costs or contact Melinda for details.

Melinda Pagden: Certified infant massage instructor (International Association of Infant Massage) 

Contact - 07745398868 or 01142810441.